GreenWall PVC Engineered Polyvinyl Sheet Pile

GlasGrid Asphalt Reinforcement Geogrid

BZ Bitumen Polymer Modified Bitumen

ChemiClay GCL Geosynthetic clay liners combine geosynthetics with sodium bentonite clay

InfraWEB Geocell utilize a 3D Honeycomb structure for erosion control and pavement

InfraGrid Biaxial geogrids for ground stabilisation and Uniaxial geogrids for reinforced slopes and walls

InfraLiner HDPE Polymeric Liners made of HDPE and LLDPE used for water reservoirs, wastewater reservoirs, landfills, mining and secondary containment

InfraPipe HDPE PE-HD Pipes, Fittings and Special Components made of PE 100 for water supply and wastewater disposal