StrataWeb GC

One of the strongest structural shapes demonstrated in both natural and manmade structures is the three dimensional honeycomb configuration. StrataWeb® has been able to apply this honeycomb shape to soil reinforcement to solve some of the most difficult civil engineering problems associated with load support over soft soils, erosion on steep slopes and the lining of lagoons, drainage channels and landfills.

StrataWeb Inset

Erosion Control

The confinement action of StrataWeb® reduces erosion on slopes arising due to rains, wind and other factors. StrataWeb® protection system can be engineered to suit slope conditions, from very steep 60 degree slopes to very gradual 27 degrees slopes, and provide a cost effective solution. After the slope is dressed and compacted StrataWeb® can be expanded and installed rapidly using Strata connectors and anchor systems.

Multiple infill options are available including vegetation, concrete, stone or any other option suitable to the site. StrataWeb® proves to be more economical as compared to stone pitching and paver tiles and is substantially longer lasting as compared to jute/coir mats.

Slope erosion protection using StrataWeb® geocell: Step by step guideline

Load Support

Due to the confinement effect and honeycomb structure, StrataWeb® spreads the loads forming on top over a larger area effectively increasing the modulus of the infilled material. StrataWeb® is very effective for pavements, ground improvement below embankments, access roads etc. over poor subgrades such as expansive soils, black cotton areas, etc. It can be engineered for heavy loading and several site conditions.

Installation of StrataWeb® is extremely simple, requiring no machinery and can be done rapidly. StrataWeb® load support solution is ideal for low CBR grounds with heavy loading requirements and will help save on natural resources by reducing the aggregate layers.

StrataWeb® for road construction: step by step guideline

Retaining Wall

In several projects, where change of grade challenges are encountered, retaining walls are required. Typical concrete retaining walls are expensive to construct and require substantial time. A StrataWeb® retaining wall is an optimized solution for such projects. The wall can be designed either as geogrids reinforced soil wall or as a gravity wall. Since, the StrataWeb® wall panels are manufactured and shipped to site, minimal site activities are required.

StrataWeb® retaining walls in combination with StrataGrids provide one of the fastest construction period with minimal disruption at site requiring only standard earthwork. Additionally StrataWeb® walls provide the option for a green aesthetic facing by allowing vegetation to grow at the face.

Reinforced soil wall with StrataWeb® geocell: Complete guideline

Slope liner Protection

In cases, where a geomembrane liner or any such surface is used on the slope which cannot be damaged or punctured, StrataWeb® liner protection system is the perfect solution. StrataWeb® can be laid on the liner without any requirement for puncturing the liner and is anchored at the crest of the slope. The crest anchorage is engineered to withstand all the sliding forces arising in StrataWeb®. StrataWeb® liner protection system can also be designed for very steep slopes.